Sonntag, 23. März 2008

The weekly TPS report!

I hoped to be able to release a technology demo this weekend, but even after using most of my free time to code this didn't quite turn out to be feasable. Sadly I won't be able to present any new screenshots, as the visual appearance hasn't changed a lot in last days despite reaching revisions numbers in the seventies ;-).

Anyway here's the feature list that needs to be implemented before releasing that 0.1.
  • Core Functionality: Gui Library (75% done)
  • Core Functionality: Scripting (95% done, just needs some testing.)
  • Gameplay: Running around the map, shoot at stuff (50% done)
  • Gameplay: Fly around the planet (0% done)
Doesn't look to bad. But porting Guichan took too much time and kicking the code into something worth an dsource entry would take even more time. So I'm ditching that idea.

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