Mittwoch, 12. März 2008

Game Design Document I

The goals of iteration-zero are to create an role playing game with a simple interface and gameplay in a closed world.

You are playing a space marine, cyber assassing or something like that who lands on a new planet and has to fullfill a mission. You are supplied with a glider, an aircraft enabling you to travel accross the planet to different locations of interest. Accompanying you is robot with an A.I. and up to 6 other compagnions you can invite into your traveling party. Your party will earn experience and find new technology through overcoming enemies and fullfilling missions given by locals.

There will be two major game modes. With your glider you can travel over the planet and visit known places or try to find hidden areas. You will be able to land nearly everywhere, but most landing areas will be devoid of anything of interest.

You will have to refill your fuel supply and make sure your glider can carry all your equipment. Upgrades to the glider can be bought at several locations.

So the exploratory radius is constrained by the fuel supply and the player has to make a choice between different equipment available. The random levels at each possible landing location give the planet a feeling of space, while not interfering with smooth gameplay. Hidden areas can be revealed simply by riddles giving out coordinates upon solution.

You will explore alien ruins, infiltrate military outposts and hunt down delinquents. Hostile encounters have to be resolved by tactical skill and using your resources wisely. Upgrading your bodies and minds with the technology of the future might help you to survive the more dangerous missions.

Basically combat will be turn based, starting after an enemy has been encountered. As with other RPGs your party members levels and your equipment will determine the outcome of attacks. The RPG system will be designed in more detail later on.

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