Dienstag, 11. März 2008

EHLO World

So ... this is supposed to be my hello world post on the blogspot.
Why another blog? Well, since I started programing for profit my personal pet projects got lost in the noise - so I took a break from business coding and revived an old idea of mine, and decided to start a blog while I'm at it on a whim.

Idea: Lets write a small and simple CRPG in the spirit of Helherron, IVAN and rogue likes in general. I have played some rogue-likes and Diablo (I and II) of course, and what always annoyed me is how difficult it is to get going in those games and how antiquated the user interface is. So my contribution to the opensource gaming world might be this project.

  • Graphic Display
  • Click and Play Interface
  • Simple Gameplay

... and so I got started.

I decided to use OpenGL as getting OK artwork is simpler for a 3D game. This sadly rules out using F.I.F.E - but opens up the opportunity to play around with different approaches to programming.

Since I always wanted to check out the D Language after my experiences with C++ and Python - and it's really nice to get something going.

And of course here's a screenshot of a pre 0.1 version of the game.
As you can see a simple testing level is loaded, some md2 models stand around and picking with the mouse already works. The ugly gui uses just another unmaintained project from dsource.

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