Dienstag, 10. Juni 2008

No closures? Rant.

Warning: rant mode

Taking over another codebase allways has it's risk, but today I was really annoyed by this bug ridden crash prone piece of crap, called dLISP when I discovered that it doesn't support closures.

Really, how can you declare a functional language to be nearly done, when you don't have closures?
With my current state of agony I can only assume the original creator abandoned his creation in disgust.

Wow, writing just that felt good... Though I am in no position to really complain, but well I didn't expect readyng dLISP for my use to be that much work. Right now I am considering a switch to PyD for the bindings - but before that I'll check how difficult it is to remove the worst problems I discover in using dLISP during my work with it.

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